Services & Rates

$10 OFF


60 minutes -  $69

The Monthly Subscription Program, also known as "The Draft" is designed as a way to not let life get in the way of your therapy.  Therapeutic Massage should be considered a maintainance process as opposed to a quick fix.  This program requires you to pay for your sessions up front at the 1st of every month.  When you've already paid, you will make more of an effort to get in to your therapy sessions.  Of course, this also allows for a $20 discount on all one-hour sessions as long as you are on  program.

The "Not-So-Fine" Print is available here.


60 minutes - $89
(non-subscription client rate)

My unique approach introduces slow, deep stretching strokes along with a little bit of kneading to produce the results you're just hoping to get everywhere else.  My session will leave you feeling relieved not for hours, but for days or weeks!

Why is my style so perfect?  I cater each and every session to the individual client.  There is nothing routine about your sessions with me.  Whether it is lower back problems, sciatic, headaches, or just a sore shoulder.  Let me show you what a really therapeutic massage should be.

ASPIRIN massage

20 minutes - $30

Just like taking an aspirin, this session is designed to help with your immediate pain.  This won't correct any problems, but it will tide you over until your next session with me.​  Unless it is an area where clothing would become an issue, this session is typically done while leaving the clothing on. 


20 minutes - $30

A series of neck stretches that will alleviate tension in the individual muscles in and around the neck.  This session takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and is done fully clothed while sitting in a chair.  

Although it is not required, it is much more impactful for you to wear a loose fitting top. Tank or halter top is preferred.