Invest in
Sterling Therapeutic Massage


When I first started Sterling Therapeutic Massage eight years ago, I truly started from nothing.  I didn't even have the official office space before I accepted my first package payment.  Shortly thereafter I separated from my wife where I went from a two-income family with two kids to a single income family with two kids.  I took my children and for the following six months I was essentially homeless.  I did not have a car and I relied on friends for transportation as well as to shelter me and my children.  I worked two jobs to build my massage studio to the dream I wanted.  

Now, eight years later, I've grown as much as a single man can.  I have officially reached capacity.  Now it is time to expand and grow both my studio and my reputation as a no-nonsense therapist that helps people with actual therapy, not just a back rub.

That First Package

Before I started my studio I worked for Elements Therapeutic Massage for two years.  While I was there I treated several regular clients.  Upon leaving Elements, I started work at DC Health Center (now College Station Chiropractic) and one of those regular clients found me there.  We began talking about my dream to have my own studio and she asked how much I needed.  Well, at the time I had two incomes from my wife's work and my work at the Chiropractor.  All I really needed was the rent and deposit which totalled about $1,000.  She asked how many massage sessions I would have to do in order to get that amount.  Before she left her session that day, she'd handed me a check for that $1,000 and bought a package of 20 massage sessions.  I opened the doors to Sterling Therapeutic Massage the very next week.


That was how Sterling Therapeutic Massage was started.  A client wanted to invest in me to offer her the quality massage she grew to enjoy from me.  It makes sense and seems very fitting, to me, to have that same desire with this expansion.  I am asking my clients to help fund Sterling Therapeutic Massage's new location and expansion in Downtown Bryan.  


What do I need to expand?  I need $50,000 for a small build-out of the new location, purchasing equipment, hiring staff, an initial marketing plan and making my dream happen.  I am accepting only 10 investors for this.

What do you get out of investing?  For $5,000, you will receive priority status massage every other week for 3 years.  Priority Status indicates that you choose your date and time every other week over other clients (with the exception of other Priority Status clients).  You are the VIP. 

If you so choose to stop receiving massage sessions at any time after the first year, you will receive a "buy-out" payment of your remaining investment via cashier's check.